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Puppy Prep School

For most people, they will say that the 1st month is the most difficult when it comes to having a new energetic, loving puppy. Especially the first week.

We allow only 2 to 3 puppies to be enrolled in the Puppy Prep School at one given time. We allow other enrollments as space is freed up.  This helps us maintain a safe and healthy environment for the puppies enrolled in the program as well as our own dogs and puppies. Only puppies purchased from us are accepted into our Training Program. Please scroll down to fill out the training application.

We have priced the puppy plans according to the time, work, and effort put into raising the older puppy and in maintaining our facilities to accommodate the Puppy Prep School.

Your puppy will leave us at 8 weeks and go directly to our certified dog trainer. The training program is a minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 16 weeks. You will get to choose the length of the program based on your needs.

The training will cover basic commands(sit, down, stay, place, heel, etc.), potty training, crate training, socialization, etc. The longer the stay the more commands covered and the more duration with the commands. We can also get your puppy started on Service Dog work if needed.

They will receive continued vaccinations and de-worming while the puppy is in Puppy Prep School. Food and maintenance costs, collar & leash are also included in the Puppy Prep School.

New owners are responsible for pick-up. Puppy balance and training balance must be paid in full prior to the start of training.

We cannot make guarantees beyond our facility, but our Puppy Prep School supports home training transitions.  Complete success of potty training and success with commands depends on the faithfulness of the new owner to continue the potty training and command schedule.​

Puppies need constant training. This program makes it easier for you to get a great head start on training for your puppy. You will be sent home with information on how to continue to work on learned commands.

A note from the trainer:

Puppy prep school is foundation work for a puppy.

The goal of the program is to have social, outgoing confident pup who has started the foundation in training.

With that being said, we work on potty training, crate training, leash manners, obedience, and social skills.

Puppies are like toddlers. As they mature their attention span becomes better with time.

The longer the puppy stays the easier it is for your puppy to have these new learned behaviors turned into muscle memory.

At the end of the program it is imperative that clients keep working with their puppies on social skills and obedience work for the remainder of their dog’s life. No program makes a perfect dog, but I strive to get as close as possible.

~~Most puppies are not 100% reliable with potty training until 18 weeks.  So the new owner will need to monitor the puppy and continue the potty training routine.  ~~

Pricing is $750 per week of training. $775 per week starting 7/24

Here is a video showing a lot of what puppy prep school covers.

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