Puppy Training/Boarding

Puppy Training Program

For most people, they will say that the 1st month is the most difficult when it comes to having a new energetic, loving puppy. Especially the first week.

We allow only 1 to 2 puppies to be enrolled in the older puppy program at one given time. We allow other enrollments as space is freed up.  This helps us maintain a safe and healthy environment for the puppies enrolled in the program as well as our own dogs and puppies. Only puppies purchased from us are accepted into our Training Program. Please scroll down to fill out the training application.

We have priced the puppy plans according to the time, work, and effort we will have in raising the older puppy and in maintaining our facilities to accommodate the Trained Puppy Program.

If you are unable to take your puppy home within 3 days of the puppy pick up date and want boarding options please scroll to the bottom of the page.

TRAINED PUPPY PROGRAM COSTS (must be paid for and scheduled in advance)
1 Week $200

4 Weeks $800

8 Weeks $1500

This is a sample of what your puppy will be taught. Depending on your individual puppy we may go faster or slower than the actual list.

1 Week Program  $200

  • Begin crate training and potty schedule
  • Introduction to collar and leash
  • Continue to work on here & sit
  • Socialization Program(children, other dogs, new sights, smells, noises etc.)

(Collar and Leash are included in the cost of this program & these items go home with the puppy)

4 Week Program  $800

  • Continued crate training & potty schedule
  • Collar, leash, and walking training
  • Master commands here & sit
  • Introduction to stay
  • Continued socialization

( Puppy name tag, Collar & Leash are included in the cost of this program & these items go home with the puppy)

8 Week Program $1500

  • More intense leash training  (puppy will be completely comfortable on the leash by the end of 8 weeks)
  • Continued crate training, longer periods between getting taken out to go potty(Sleeping through the night in crate)
  • Continued socialization
  • Continued work with commands Here, Sit, and Stay
  • Be used to riding in a vehicle(total of 8 rides at least)
  • Will be used to being groomed, brushed, nails clipped, etc. (Total of 8 sessions at least)
  • Introduction to No and Leave it

Video of your puppy showing off what he/she has learned.
(Puppy name tag, Crate, Collar & Leash are included in the cost of this program & these items will go home with the puppy)

~~Most puppies are not 100% reliable with potty training until 18 weeks.  So the new owner will need to monitor the puppy and continue the potty training routine.  ~~

Breeder will provide continued vaccinations and worming while puppy is in the Puppy Training Program. Food and maintenance costs, collars & leash are also included in the Trained Puppy program.
New owners are responsible for pick-up. Puppy balance must be paid in full prior to the start of training.

We cannot make guarantees beyond our facility, but our Puppy Training Program supports home training transitions.  Complete success of potty training and success with commands depends on the faithfulness of the new owner to continue the potty training and command schedule.​

Puppies need constant training. This program makes it easier for you and makes an easier first month home for your puppy


If you are not able to pick up you puppy at 8 weeks we will board your puppy for you. They will continue to stay in our nursery.
This includes continued socialization, food, up to date on shots and worming.

1 Week $150
2 Weeks $300
4 Weeks $600

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