Our Girls

For our breeding girls, we have 3 F1 Labradoodles. We have several upcoming girls. We love to take pictures of our babies so check out all the individual pictures and information on each dog page.


CKC Registered Pip is a F1 labradoodle and a sweet girl. We kept her out of Ella’s first litter. She was the smallest out of the litter thus her name pip. She took after her mom greatly. She is extremely smart and she loves to play fetch. She also is a major cuddler which is… Read more »


CKC Registered We kept Annie out of our 2015 litter from Luke and Bluebell she is a F1 labradoodle. From the second she was born I knew I would be keeping her. She was exactly what I had been looking for over a year, a chocolate tuxedo labradoodle. She is so super sweet. She is… Read more »


Zuzu was our keeper out of Bluebell’s 2016 litter. She is a F1 Labradoodle. She has the sweetest personality and loves to be in you lap. I just couldn’t pass up this gorgeous girl. She is a goofy yet sweet and smart girl. She loves to be by your side always. Her eyes are so… Read more »