Puppy Benefits

-Your puppy is current on all vaccines and wormings at the time of the purchase. You will be provided with the shot/de-worming record.

-All our puppies come with a basic 2 year health guarantee against any life threatening genetic defects which can be increased to 3 years if you continue to feed Life’s Abundance and a 10 year Lifetime Guarantee if you feed the Life’s Abundance system purchased at www.lifesabundance.com/cnrfarms.

-All puppies will be micro-chipped for permanent identification.

-Your puppy’s litter will be registered(Limited) with AKC, when they are born, if applicable(Labradoodles and Goldendoodles will not be offered with papers). You will be provided the necessary paperwork to register you as the new owner of your puppy. Paperwork will be provided after proof of alteration. A spay/neuter contract will be signed on all puppies.

-You are able to view your puppies parents onsite. You can meet them and see their personalities. (We may occasionally use a stud dog to better our lines in this case we will have pictures of the father)

-You are able to view your puppies current living environment. We are very proud of our nursery and facilities.

-All newborn litters and weaning puppy’s are kept in a sanitized environment. Our nursery is cleaned several times a day to insure clean, healthy, happy puppies.

-All puppies are handled daily from birth. Each and every puppy that we raise is special and we love to show them that. One of us is always there for the birth and from the moment they are born they are special. The best part of my day is puppy playtime. We name our puppies so that they are more than just a colored collar.

-We utilize the Puppy culture program to raise our puppy which creates a stable well rounded puppy.

-All puppies are well socialized with other animals prior to purchase. After the puppies receive their first vaccination they enjoy leaving the nursery and romping around the pasture during their supervised playtime. All of the dogs love playing babysitter to each and every litter.

-Personal Service- Puppies are viewed by appointment only. This helps CNR Farms to give you one-on-one attention you desire and deserve. Each appointment will be for 1 hour. Please try to be on time and be respectful of the 1 hour limit as we often schedule several appointments in a day sometimes and we space them so we can have individual time with each person. We understand that things come up and there is traffic but if you see you will be late or early please let us know.

-Visitation-If you have placed a deposit on a puppy that has not reached maturity for release CNR Farms provide you a visitation schedule enabling you to visit and begin the bonding process with your puppy. **Visitation can begin after your puppy has reached 6 weeks of age once a week**

-If you are coming to pick out your puppy we ask that you don’t visit any other Kennels or pet stores the day of. This helps to keep germs out of our nursery. We will also ask that you wash your hands before touching the puppies and put on booties which we provide to protect from any germs that may be on your shoes. Our puppies health is very important to us. We do not allow visits unless the puppies have reached 6 weeks of age and had their first shots. I know this is an inconvenience to some but we just don’t want to compromise the health of our puppies while their immune systems are so weak. This being said we will be happy to make a video to show personalities or speak with you about them.

-We welcome you to call us should you have any questions or concerns once you bring your new puppy home. We are here for lifetime support.


**Breeders reserve the right to first pick regardless of the order of the pick.

We also reserve the right to refuse the sale of a puppy to anyone at our discretion**