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Seeking Guardian homes now for a few of our adults and upcoming Mini Australian Labradoodles.

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In an effort to continually improve our breeding program while insuring our breeding dogs are loved unconditionally we have decided to implement guardian homes. We believe that breeding dogs should be family first and all of ours are. We don’t want to have more dogs than we can handle and give daily attention and love on every day. Dogs are not meant to live in kennels and that is the way we believe it should be. It is a great way for you to get our pick of the litter for no cost. We will compensate you for every litter your dog produces if they join our breeding program or you can choose to keep a puppy out of their last litter. You will have a great family pet and we will retain breeding rights until their breeding career is over.

Who Qualifies?

We are very selective of who we choose to become a guardian family. Our primary concern is that our dogs go into safe homes where they will be well taken care of and loved as a family member.  They must be in a home where they are not able to escape or get bred while in season. We expect the guardian parents to allow the dog to be a part of the family (a house dog). We look for people who are experienced dog owners but would consider first time dog owners if you are willing to work closely with us.

Families that are interested in breeding dogs are not good guardian families.  We are placing dogs in their permanent family home, not in a breeding home. We do not split litters with Guardian Parents.  This is not a program for someone who wants to be a breeder, but a guardian program in order to provide good forever homes for our dogs while insuring the careful development of the breeds.

Guardian programs provide benefits for the Guardian family:

  • Guardian families have a “pick of the litter” puppy chosen by the breeder
  • Guardian families will have their dog health tested at our cost
  • Guardian families receive ongoing support and training directly from the breeder of their dog
  • Guardian families can schedule trips during breedings/whelpings
  • Guardian families will be compensated for every litter or receive a free puppy from their dog.
  • Guardian families will have the spay/neuter paid for by us when the dog retires.

Guardian programs provides benefits for the Dog:

  • The dog doesn’t need to be re-homed as an adult after retiring
  • The dog has at least two familiar stable home environments in which to live and be loved unconditionally
  • The dogs are extremely well-socialized and flexible

Breeder obligations to the Guardian home:

  • Provide advice and support whenever needed as well as sending home detailed instructions on care of dog, feeding, training, and vet care.
  • Breeder will request transportation of guardian dog when needed giving adequate notice.
  • Breeder is responsible for all expenses related to testing/breeding.
  • Breeder promises first priority to the Guardian family if they choose to take on a second Guardian dog.
  • Breeder owns breeding rights to the dog for the span of 4-5 litters for a female or 6 years for a male dependent on the dog passing all health testing.
  • Breeder agrees to provide a stipend for each litter. The stipend amount is $500 per litter for a female and $200 per litter for a male. It shall be given when the dog is returned to the guardian family after the litter goes home unless the guardian home has chosen the options of a free puppy from their dog.

There are a few requirements for providing a Guardian home for one of our dogs:

  • Guardians must have some previous dog experience(We may consider first time dog owners if you are willing to work closely with us)
  • Guardians must live in a house with a fully fenced yard
  • Guardians must keep the dog on a leash when outside unless the dog is in the fenced area
  • Guardians must send their dog to Board and Train($2600 for 4 weeks) with Happy Hounds Dog Training by 1 yr of age and provide proof (puppy obedience classes levels 1, 2, and Canine Good Citizen class are recommended but not required. These will just help build the bond between you and your dog.)
  • Guardians must ensure the puppy is socialized to adults, children and other dogs
  • Guardians must provide appropriate veterinary or emergency care when needed including annual shots and heart worm preventative. You must use Faulkville Animal Hospital for routine vet care.
  • Guardians must feed the dog Life’s Abundance as we feel this is the most nutritious food for our breeding dogs.
  • Guardians must not allow the dog to participate in extended strenuous running on concrete or other hard surface before 15 months of age
  • Guardians must notify breeder immediately when a female begins her heat cycle
  • Guardians must not allow a female around intact males during her cycle
  • Guardians must not allow a male to breed ANY females other than those chosen by the breeder at a time determined by the breeder
  • Guardians must not have any unaltered dogs in the home unless another Guardian dog from CNR Farms.
  • Guardians must live within an hour of CNR Farms(unless approved by us)
  • Guardians and all others that live within the home must come to our farm for a meeting and interview
  • Guardians must give monthly updates of the dog including pictures during the first year of life and then every 2-3 months so that we can update our website with weight, temperament, coat, etc. (updates more often are completely welcome but will not be expected)
  • Guardians must not move out of the 1 hour range during the duration of the contract
  • Guardians must agree to allow the dog to spend at least one night at the Breeder’s home every 3-4 month to keep them familiar with the breeder.
  • Guardians must communicate, cooperate and coordinate with the breeder regarding testing, matings, whelpings, and other breeding related activities

Available for a Guardian Home Now!

Taffy is available now. She is a super sweet girl. She is potty/crate trained and has had 4 weeks of professional training. She does need continued work on jumping.

Think this fits you? Fill out the Guardian Home Form and I will send you more information about our program.

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