Upcoming Litters at CNR Farms

We plan to have a few litters in Late Winter-Early Summer. Litters that are planned 100% are listed. Below you will find more details on each litter. If you are interested in putting a deposit down and getting on the picking list or would like to find out more information about these litters please contact me.

Please fill out a Puppy Form before placing a deposit.

If you have spoken with me and filled out a puppy form please select your litter and click below to place your deposit on an upcoming litter.

Please Select the Litter:


The Pricing for the F1 and F1b Labradoodle litters is:

$2000-for all color and patterns

Pet homes only, no breeding rights will be given on any puppies.


The Pricing for English Goldendoodle litters is:

$2500-For all colors and patterns

Pet homes only, no breeding rights will be given on any puppies.


The Pricing for Standard Poodle litters is:

$2500-For Pet Home(all colors and patterns)

$3000-For Approved Breeding Home(all colors and patterns)

$100 off Military Discount!

(If this applies to you please note it on your puppy form)


Waffles X Luke

  • F1 Standard English Goldendoodle Litter
  • Born: April 19, 2019
  • Expected Weight: 55-80lbs with the possibility of boys getting larger
  • Possible Colors: Shades of Cream, Black
  • Parents OFA Testing: Waffles results are Hips: Good, Elbow: Normal, Luke’s Results are Hips:Excellent, Elbows:Normal

If you have any questions on this litter please contact me.

Waffles Deposit List

  1. Morris-Male
  2. Evora

Pip X Luke

  • F1b Standard Labradoodles
  • Born: April 24, 2019
  • Expected Weight: 65-75lbs(some may get larger males in particular)
  • Possible Colors: Black Abstacts, Cream, Black Parti, Caramel Parti
  • Parents OFA Testing: Pip Hips: Fair, Elbows: Normal, Luke Hips: Excellent, Elbows: Normal

This is a repeat litter and we expect wonderful puppies. Please contact me for more information

Pip Deposit List

  1. CNR Farms
  2. Adkins-Male
  3. Anderson-Female
  4. Crosby-Male
  5. Gritton-Male

Fall Litters

Zuzu X Keeco

  • F1b Medium Labradoodles
  • Expected: Early/Mid Fall
  • Expected Weight: 30-50lbs
  • Expected Colors: Chocolates Partis
  • Parents OFA Testing: Zuzu Hips:Good, Elbows:Normal, Keeco Hips:Good, Elbows:Normal.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this litter.

Zuzu Deposit List

  1. CNR Farms-Female

Gena X Keeco

  • F1 Medium English Goldendoodles
  • Expected:Late Summer/Early Fall
  • Expected Weight: 30-50lbs
  • Expected colors: cream and black white markings possible
  • Parents OFA Testing: Gena Hips:Good, Elbows:Normal, Keeco Hips:Good, Elbows:Normal

If you have any questions let me know.

  1. CNR Farms-Female(Guardian home found)-Gena x Keeco Litter
  2. Beedham-Female-Gena x Keeco Litter

Hazel X Luke

  • AKC Standard Poodles we will offer Limited and Full Registration contact if interested in breeding.
  • Expected around Mid Fall
  • Expected weight 45-65lbs(males larger) and expected height 22-26″
  • Possible Colors: Apricot, Chocolate, Red, Cream, Sables with white markings and possibly parti
  • Parents OFA Testing: Hazel Hips: Good Elbows:Normal Luke Hips: Excellent Elbows: Normal

Please contact me for more information on this litter.

  1. CNR Farms

Future Litters Deposit for Poodles

Future Litters Deposit for Labradoodles

Future Litters Deposit for English Goldendoodles

  1. Igel-Female-Waffles litter

*Breeder reserves the right to first pick regardless of the order of the pick. We also reserve the right to refuse the sale of a puppy to anyone at our discretion.