Our Boys

We love to take pictures of our babies so check out all the individual pictures and information on each dog page.

Curly hair red colored male labradoodle

Idaho Jewels Red Napoleon Dynamite-$6000

Meet Napoleon! I have decided to offer Napoleon to a new breeder. While we love this boy I have kept back girls from him. Napoleon is a lover. I got Napoleon when he was 8 months old. He had never been on a leash but immediately went on hikes at Yellowstone with us. He was… Read more »

Copper Cloud Old Time Preacher Man

Preacher comes to us from Copper Cloud Labradoodles. We are very excited about this boy. He is an outgoing boy with the sweetest personality. Preacher has one of the softest coats in the world. He lives with my parents and is my dad’s sidekick. Preacher is available for stud service to approved females. Hips: Good… Read more »

Long hair cream colored male labradoodle

Reads Bright Pledge

Meet Gilbert! He is the best snuggler and is such a sweet boy. He has an excellent on/off switch and zooms around the yard and plays but comes in and is ready to sit in the recliner. He always get compliments when we are out in public on how well he behaves. Gilbert is not… Read more »

Taco Tuesday of CNR Farms

Meet Taco! Born 12/27/19 from Hazel and Luke. Taco is my migraine alert service dog. He has the most incredible temperament and is a perfect mixture of his parents. He is so loving and smart wanting to always be by your side. Taco is without a doubt my heart dog. He is so smart and… Read more »