Our Boys

We have 2 male Standard Poodles and 1 Moyen poodle. We love to take pictures of our babies so check out all the individual pictures and information on each dog page.

Huckleberry Finn

Oh this boy! He is extremely devoted to his people and is a major goofball. Huck always keeps us laughing with his silly antics and fun loving personality. Huck is so patient with me while I groom him. I have always wanted a white/cream dog I could do fun grooms on and dye. So he… Read more »


AKC Registered Meet our Keeco boy! With Keeco there is no way that you won’t experience joy. We even had to add Joyful into his registered name. He can always put a smile on your face with his sweet and funny personality. He loves absolutely everyone and everywhere we go (because he can’t refuse a… Read more »


AKC Registered This is my Porter boy! He stole my heart long before I ever met him. The instant I saw his newborn pictures I was in love. I was second to pick on his litter and I just held my breath on picking day until I found out that he was mine! First pick… Read more »