About CNR Farms

We are a family run farm that loves animals. We all strive to socialize all of our animals daily. Our nursery is newly built and is built with quality and cleanliness in mind. We are a small breeder. We have a love for dogs, especially Labs, Standard Poodles, Labradoodles, English Golden Retrievers and English Goldendoodles. Along with our love for dogs and helping people find a forever friend, we decided to start breeding dogs to help pay for mine and my brothers college. We strive to pass on the great qualities of our dogs to better the breed and create amazing family pets. We live on 10 acres which are all fenced in so our dogs enjoy romping around as well as swimming in our 2-acre pond. Our dogs do not live in kennels they are our loved spoiled family pets. Our girls will stay in the nursery (with a partner if it’s a breeding season) only during their season or when they have puppies. All of our dogs are potty trained and frequent the house and a few live inside all the time. Our dogs meet various animals around the farm and all have great temperaments. We occasionally have rabbits, miniature horses, cows and goats as these are a part of our farm but not our main focus.

From Casey…

Hey! If you contact us you will be talking to me or my dad will direct you to me. I do the emails, phone calls, photography, videos, the website, social media, and research. I am the main puppy socializer and puppy clean up along with my family. This is my true passion and I am so thankful to have a family that is supportive of my passions. I graduated from college with a degree in Diversified Agriculture with a specification in Livestock Production in May of 2017. So what exactly is that? Thats the question I get all the time. I basically can work in any field of agriculture but I have chosen the animal field as that is my passion. Being I chose a specification I have been able to take several animal specific classes that not only focused on Livestock but I had a teacher that is also a Vet and she touched on dogs and if the class didn’t touch on them the book probably did. I have learned so much knowledge that I have been able to put towards by breeding program. A few classes that have had a big impact were Physiology of Reproduction, Animal Nutrition, Animal Evaluation and Selection, and Animal Science. Genetics is something we talk about throughout my classes but is something I love to research. I always want to learn more. Doing this is a lot of hard work and dedication but is the most rewarding thing.

My Family!

Fun around the Farm

We love living the farm life so here’s a little glimpse into life around the farm.