Available Adults

We know sometimes you want to skip the puppy stage and we might have the perfect Labradoodle for you. We occasionally will have an adult Labradoodle for re-homing.

We will be very picky with the family they go to as we know their personality and only want the best for them. All our adult Labradoodles are potty trained and have great temperaments.

If you are interested in purchasing an adult Labradoodle, please contact us today to find out what we currently have available!


Pickles is a very sweet girl. I drove to Pennsylvania to get Pickles and realized when I got there I would never be breeding her but I couldn’t leave her there. I actually brought home her and her sister. Her sister thankfully was a little more outgoing and has already found a new family. Pickles… Read more »

Curly hair red colored male labradoodle

Idaho Jewels Red Napoleon Dynamite-$6000

Meet Napoleon! I have decided to offer Napoleon to a new breeder. While we love this boy I have kept back girls from him. Napoleon is a lover. I got Napoleon when he was 8 months old. He had never been on a leash but immediately went on hikes at Yellowstone with us. He was… Read more »