What to Look for in a Reputable Breeder. Part 4

Health Guarantee. Every Reputable breeder will send their puppies home with a Health Guarantee. In my opinion any health guarantee that is less than 2 years is pointless and let me tell you I found this out first hand. A few years back I purchased a poodle on a 1 year health guarantee and was going to do preliminary health testing right before the one year mark to make sure I was good there. I did that health testing and he passed but a month after he turned a year old he started having severe health issues leading to thousands in vet bills and eventually having to put him to sleep due to multiple health issues and no quality of life left. This was one of the most traumatizing situations I had experienced as a breeder. I loved him so much but I could not let him suffer any longer. I contacted the breeder to let them know and was just told sorry. Some severe health issues may not pop up before that one year mark and I definitely learned my lesson on buying a dog without a 2 year guarantee. All of my puppies leave with a 2 year health guarantee covering all genetic disorders.