The Different Labradoodle Coat Types

Did you know that Labradoodles have more than one coat type? In fact, they have three! If you just adopted a labradoodle puppy, they could have a fleece, wool, or hair coat. Below we explain the qualities and characteristics of all three.


labradoodle with black background

A fleece coat is soft and easy to manage. Thanks to its mild to non-shedding qualities, you won’t have to clean up as much with a fleece coat. Not only that, but it’s more allergy-friendly than other labradoodle coat types. A fleece coat can be straight, wavy, or curly, and it only needs to be brushed about once per week.


Labradoodles aren’t actually made out of wool, but these coat type certainly makes it seem like it! A wool coat is curly and slightly coarse, similar to a poodle’s. It’s non-shedding, meaning dogs with this coat type are a good option for allergy-sufferers. A wool coat does need more maintenance, often requiring regular clipping and grooming.


A hair coat has a somewhat shaggy appearance that can be extremely endearing. A dog with this coat type has straight hair and can feel coarse or wiry. This coat type requires less maintenance than a wool coat, but you should bathe your pup at least once a week. This is because labradoodles with hair coat types shed more than their fleece or wool siblings. As a result, this is not a very allergy-friendly coat type.

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