There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die…a time to weep and a time to laugh. Ecclesiastes 3:1-2:4 We experienced both of these seasons in a short time. My papa passed away on a Sunday and the next day Pip delivered her litter of puppies. We experienced this time of death and also this time of birth and its beauty. We cried and we laughed as new life came into the world. We were so thankful for the joy we received with the puppies being born. I don’t think there is any better therapy than puppy therapy. And by that I mean snuggling with all the pups and that usually means the mama trying to fit in your lap too. It’s such a calming peace to watch a mama with her new pups. The instinct that they have is just amazing. They know just what to do and the puppies are born not being able to hear or see yet they find their mama. She is constantly watching over them. When they wander away she gathers them back in and draws them close to her. Her devotion to them is so strong she won’t leave them even to use the restroom for at least a day or two. Most of my time home while we have puppies is spent in the nursery. Even before the puppies are born if I think she is close, sleepover in the nursery it is. We are in the process of making plans for a barn loft apartment so I can be right next to the nursery all the time. My parents often have to call and let me know how long I’ve been back there and that I should probably go to bed, but puppy snuggles are soo much better. The season for laughter is my favorite. It often comes when the puppies are learning new things: how to walk, moving to different surfaces, hearing different noises, learning to play. The first attempts to bark may the cutest sounds you will hear. As the puppies grow we get to watch their eyes open, they begin to imitate their mom following her everywhere. They learn to drink water and use the bathroom outside at only 3 weeks old. It’s amazing what they can learn at such a young age. At 4 weeks they get their first taste of food. This can be hilarious. Some of them will nibble slowing and some dive in getting their whole body in the bowl. At this point their personalities can be completely different from what they were 2 weeks ago as they are ever changing as they learn and develop. At six weeks they have the ability to leave their mother but staying with her till 8 weeks is so critical. They amount they learn in the last two weeks we have them is ultimately what shapes them and prepares them for life. They learn to play with their siblings and the pecking order will be established. They also learn that biting hurts and how to adjust it for play with other dogs. They will learn how to be submissive and how to be brave when playing with their siblings. Then from their mother they learn and watch her temperament towards situations which is why it is critical to have parents with good temperaments. They will also be exposed to other dogs, animals, and situations so that they learn what to do. Then 8 weeks rolls around and they will all go to their new homes. We will be happy and sad as we watch the families’ joy with their new little ones and seeing them go but also knowing this season is over. I know I have done my job when everyone is happy with their puppies. Although it is hard to see them go I know that even though this season may be over a new one will soon be beginning.
~ Casey

Basically. I just want to hang with my dog(s).

Lap full of puppies

Proud mamas!

Late night snuggles