How to Keep Your Labradoodle Safe This Summer

We Georgians know how hot it can get here in the summertime. Our Labradoodles, however, will feel the heat even more so than we do. Their thick coats can make Georgia’s summer heat seem even more brutal than it is for us humans. So, what can we do to keep our Labradoodles safe and healthy this summer? Read on to learn more:

man walking with labradoodle dog on path

Provide cool, fresh water at all times

Dehydration can be deadly, and dogs can dehydrate quickly in the summer sun. As such, be sure that your Labradoodle has constant access to cool, fresh water. Keep a couple of water bowls around your property, and if you’re heading out, bring a portable water bowl with you. To help them stay cool, add in a few ice cubes to their water.

Limit sun exposure

If you normally walk your Labradoodle in the afternoon, you’ll need to change things up for the summertime. The afternoon is when the sun is highest in the sky. As such, the sunlight is harsher and the temperature higher. Too much sun exposure can cause overheating, so be sure to take your dog out in the morning or evening when the sun is low. If you must take your dog out in the afternoon, limit how much time they’re outside.

Watch out for bees and wasps

Labradoodles are bright and inquisitive. However, this can get them into trouble. They may try poking their noses into bees’ or wasps’ nest and end up getting stung. To prevent this, remove any nests on your property and always keep an eye on your pup while you’re out and about.

Never leave them in the car alone

In the summer months, it is never safe to leave your dog in the car alone. Even if you have the windows open, the interior of a parked car can quickly exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit in a 78-degree day. Leave your Labradoodle at home if you have to run errands.

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