Nigel is my baby. He was very tiny when he was born and I had to tube feed him and then later bottle feed him. Nigel is a true miracle to be alive. I never thought that I would offer him to a home because I love this dude so much. He will only be available to the perfect home not on a first come first serve basis. I will require that his new home send me updates on him as well. I would love for him to be local.

Nigel is 2 years old and up to date on shots, de-worming, and heartworm/flea and tick meds. He is so very loving and loves to be with you. He is 45lbs. He has the goofiest personality and keeps you laughing. Nigel is healthy as can be. He loves a butt scratch and will sit in your lap like a baby. The only issue he had past puppyhood was entropion. He has had 2 corrective surgeries and all should be fine now. Nigel has been neutered and is potty/crate trained. He does occasionally still have accidents if I am gone from home for an extend time. He loves a good chew toy and to zoom around the yard. His zoomies crack me up as his back legs seem to go faster than his front legs so its like a tuck and run. It’s hilarious. He does shed slightly but just little dust balls of hair nothing major. He completed a puppy class but sit, down, and stay are the only commands I have really kept up with for him. He used to go everywhere with me and did so amazing in public. He has developed a little nervousness in the car and doesn’t really enjoy going out and about anymore but I’m sure with some continued work that he would get better. The only reason that I am considering placing him in a home is my intact boys have started to not get along with Nigel. He is a more submissive boy so I hate to have to rotate my boys.

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