Are Labradoodles Easy to Train?

When you adopt a puppy, no matter what they of puppy they are they will need to be trained. As such, many to-be-dog owners look to see if their particular breed is easy to train before they plan on adopting. You may have fallen in love with the adorable face and curls of the Labradoodle, but are they easy to train? Read on to learn more:

labradoodle puppy sitting at bottom of stairs

Yes—they’re easier to train!

Labradoodles are known for their intelligence. Not only that, but they’re energetic and eager to please their owners. This means that they are easier to train that most dogs.

Most dogs need to be trained, but some are more stubborn that others. Not so with the Labradoodle. They not only will catch on quick to commands, but they lack the stubbornness of other breeds that prevents them from learning new tricks.

But don’t expect it to be a complete walk in the park

Labradoodles may be easier to train than other breeds, but don’t expect training to be a complete walk in the park. As with any dog, training will require some ups and downs. Your Labradoodle is smart and eager to please, but they might have to make a few mistakes first before they catch on.

As always, stay patient with your Labradoodle, and know that they’re trying their best. Give it some time and soon your Labradoodle will be well-trained!

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