Pickles is a very sweet girl. I drove to Pennsylvania to get Pickles and realized when I got there I would never be breeding her but I couldn’t leave her there. I actually brought home her and her sister. Her sister thankfully was a little more outgoing and has already found a new family. Pickles though was HIGHLY unsocialized and was a little thin. I have had her over a year now. She has gained a good bit of weight, we have gotten rid of the hookworms she came with, and we have worked so much on her socialization. Pickles needs someone that can be very patient with her. She does better with women than she does with men so would probably do best in a home with just women. She knows her name(didn’t know it when we got her home), the command sit, and the command crate. She can jump a 4ft fence if she wants so a 6ft or tall fence is required for her. She is not a big eater so needs some canned food or freeze dried raw to entice her to eat. She still doesn’t quite understand leash walking. Still even after a year she sometimes doesn’t want to come to my parents. She has been living with them during this time to have more one on one. She has a very tender heart and I know would open up with lots of time and patience. She has not yet been spayed and that will be a requirement. Please contact me if you are interested in this sweet girl. Her rehoming fee is negotiable to the perfect family.

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