Here is Gidget! Born 4/8/18

Gidget was my pick of her litter. I have loved her since she was a puppy. She stays around 50-55lbs. She is the biggest sweetheart and is so playful. She has a beautiful coat too! Gidget is a smart girl and loves to be where you are. She loves to snuggle with you on the couch will curl up next to you in bed. She also loves to race around outside with the other dogs. For her fetch is life and she loves the water!

Gidget is now retired and is looking for a forever retirement home. She has lived with me since she was born so only the perfect home will do. I love her dearly. Gidget loves to be the center of attention so would do best in a home with fewer dogs that she has to share attention with. Gidget has a very high prey drive so wouldn’t do well with other small animals especially ducks/chickens. She does get along ok with my cats but will chase them if they run. She LOVES to play fetch and will play until you force her to stop. She also loves snuggle and be with you. She is my sidekick out in the yard if I’m working and will lounge in the sun while I work. She has a great recall and will come running as soon as I call her even if she has wandered up to my parents house.

She needs a 6ft fence as she can jump something shorter if she wants. She has an easy to manage wavy coat and just needs biweekly brushing and I trim her a little shorter about once a year. She does shed very slightly but just little dust bunnies not hair all over the house. She also has a high food drive so I do crate her when I leave the house. She has been know to counter surf if left unattended in the house. She is up to date on shots, heartworm/flea meds, and is spayed. She is also potty/crate trained. I am asking a very small fee for her. If you have any interest in Gidget feel free to reach out.

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