Watson is from Annie and Keeco. He was born March 18, 2020. His family is needing to re-home him as he is high energy and needs training. If you are looking for an adult dog because you want to “skip the puppy stage” Watson is not for you do to his training needs.

He is 40lbs
Watson is potty & crate trained.
He has a fairly strong lie down command. He tends to lie down when asked to sit. He is fairly good with “leave it” but not when overly excited.
He is up to date on his shots and hearworm and flea prevention.
He comes with his crate, heartworm and flea prevention for a few months, a collar and leash, food to get you started and NuVet vitamins.
He needs training to correct some of his behaviors. His biggest thing being he jumps. He needs work on his walking as he is very strong and pulls instead of heels. He is a counter surfer and will try to eat anything. He is a resource guarder according to his family though I haven’t seen this behavior since I have had him. Watson doesn’t like his collar grabbed and has a little freak out when you do sometimes. All of these things can be fixed with training and time. He loves attention and affection though. He was raised with children but would probably do better with older children or no children due to his energy.
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